Elections have lasting consequences.  When we elect conservatives who adhere to the Republican Party principles of smaller government, liberty, and personal responsibility, we can expect real progress and greater prosperity.  When we fail to elect Republicans, we are left with years of bad policies, bad judicial appointments, bad legislation, and mounting debt.  Every election, including local elections, matter.

Also, let us not forget the incredible sacrifice for those willing to run for public office.  If they can take the time to throw their hat in the ring, then surely we can take the time to lend our support.  Here are some ideas to support your fellow Republicans running for office:  host a meet and greet the candidate in your home, walk a precinct to pass out candidate literature, make phone calls, take some friends and wave signs in your neighborhood, write a letter to the editor of your local paper, call a radio show, or make a financial contribution – no matter the amount.  Anything will be appreciated.

Most of all, remember to vote and make sure everyone in your household votes.  If you know someone who cannot get to the polls, volunteer to drive.  Do whatever you can to ensure that your voice is heard on election day.

Please send us your photos, and we may post them on our website.

Thank you to our sponsors.

Winter Park Republican Women Federated.